Friday, April 5, 2013

Concert Order

Here is the order of bands and solo artists for the concert:
11am -    THE ROADIES -- Worship band from Hosanna (Frantz's church)
12pm - ROCK 'N' ROLL TIME MACHINE - takin' YOU back to the 20th Century!
12:45 -     FREZNEL LENZ -- Orginal band which Frantzy co-founded
1:45 -      SABASTIAN JANOSKI -- Teen sensation from Lititz!
2:30 -      STEEL KITTY -- Lancaster's party rock band!
3:30 -      SEAN CAMPBELL -- singer/songwriter from Mountville PA
4pm -      FOLK JAM -- Derek Frantz and his Donegal HS bandmates!
5pm -      THE MADD HATTERS -- Lancaster's premier classic rock band!
6pm -      APPLEJACK -- Absolute BEST in Country music!
7pm -      THE ROYAL REVOLT -- Enthusiastic, energetic, young rockers!
8pm -       Frantz Family Band -- Miami Mike, Jeff Hanna... etc......
9pm -       open jamming around the campfire -- all who bring an instrument!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Vive La' Frantz" Event Poster

This poster was designed and created by Alpha Dog Advertising of Lancaster PA.  Thanks so much to Craig for donating his time and services to create a poster and tickets for this event!   Check them out at  Alpha Dog Advertising

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remembering Frantzy

Frantz, those who loved you want to continue to remember you, and on Saturday May 18, we are gonna gather and jam, feast, fellowship, and feel your presence!  Vive La Frantz is gonna also help your loves financially, hopefully, while feeding the masses with Meat 'n' Music!  

Frantz Family Foto

this is who this is for

Concert times now 11am-7pm

This concert is really turning into something big! Don't let the listed hours "12-6" fool you because it's lookin more like 11-7 for the official concert, with not only bands that he played with over the years, but also a few that he didn't!  We so blessed to be able to offer an afternoon and evening FILLED with excellent live music in the likes of the the bands Freznel Lenz, Rock'n'Roll Time Machine, Madd Hatters, Steel Kitty, and APPLEJACK!  Also, local teenage sensation Sebastian Janoski will be performing, as well as a VERY SPECIAL appearance by Frantzy II and his band "Folk Jam,"  followed by open jamming into the evening hours and then camping overnight together in what may be known as "Frantz-ville" before it's all said and done! Darla says she thinks he would have liked the scene, a scene that is yet to unfold before our very eyes! Here Frantzy is pictured with her, the love of his life. What a great picture!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Concert tickets $10 donation

For every $10 that you donate, you get one ticket to the concert, scheduled for 12-6pm on Saturday May 18, 2013 at Pinch Pond Campground at 3075 Pinch Road in Manheim PA. Food will be sold separtately, Harvey's pulled pork 'n' chicken BBQ, baked beans, burgers, dogs, baked goods, and other items, with all proceeds going to the family also. There will be raffles, door prizes, and auctions, as well as 6 well known bands and performers from the area throughout the day, and open jamming into the evening. (Campsites are available separately through Pinch Pond Campground.) Please leave your name and address when donating and how many tickets you would like. If you don't want tickets and don't plan to attend the event, but would still like to donate to the cause, you may do so through this same paypal link. Please designate if you do not wish to have tickets sent to you. Thank you very much!

Frantzy's two who still live at home

This is for whom we are doing this concert